IAF has over twenty years of experience in agro-forestry management and benefits from a long history of collaboration, scientific research and practical field experience.  The original farms are regularly visited by foresters, cacao specialists, university students, and NGO’s.   IAF offers the following:


  • Cacao plantation management (nursery through harvest)
  • Timberland silviculture and milling with particular expertise in big-leaf mahogany (S. macrophylla), Honduran rosewood (D. stevensonii) and teak (T. grandis)
  • Avocado production and management
  • Land use planning and design around site-specific agro-forestry operations
  • Smallholder outgrower programs with communities
  • Farm and forest management plans and feasibility studies
  • Land origination, site assessment and transaction advisory
  • Tropical forest conservation management
  • Sustainable forestry management with selective extraction
  • Nursery services, including fine-flavor cacao cultivars and timber seedling propagation
  • Cacao fermentation and drying services
  • Geographic information systems
  • Licensing, permitting and public forest subsidy (Probosque) registration
  • Timber and farmland inventory and valuation
  • Community environmental education


  • Fine-flavor and heirloom cacao (cacao fino de aroma)
  • Tropical hardwoods (lumber), including CITES-listed species and rare tonewoods
  • Hardwood seedlings and seeds
  • Cacao seedlings and grafts
  • Mesoamerican vanilla (V. planifolia)
  • Essential oils (trial phase)
Processing logs from thinnings into boards, IAF

IAF staff members processing logs thinned from plantations into boards