IAF has over twenty years of experience in agro-forestry management and benefits from a long history of collaboration, scientific research and practical field experience.  The original farms are regularly visited by foresters, cacao specialists, university students, and NGO’s.   IAF offers the following:


  • Tropical timber management: nursery to cultivation
  • Cacao plantation management: nursery to cultivation
  • Timber investment management
  • Land use planning: Design and implementation of site-specific agroforestry operations
  • Technical management plans and feasibility studies
  • Technical assessment and consulting
  • Tropical forest conservation management
  • Concession management
  • Nursery services
  • Cacao fermentation and drying services
  • Social assistance


  • Heirloom Cacao/Cacao “fino”
  • Tropical hardwoods (lumber)
  • Tropical tonewoods (lumber)
  • Rare hardwood seedlings and seeds
  • Heirloom Cacao seedlings and grafts
Processing logs from thinnings into boards, IAF

IAF staff members processing logs from thinnings into boards