In 2014 the ITTO in conjunction with the national forestry institute (INAB) awarded IAF staff a “best forestry plantation” award for its work with Geniuine Mahogany

Izabal Agro-Forest was created to manage sustainable tropical agro-forestry projects in Central America.

IAF’s research and silvicultural knowledge is based on over 20 years of experience in forest management. Since 1992, IAF has established, managed and harvested several species of tropical hardwoods in Guatemala’s lake Izabal basin.  These projects have replaced and continue to replace grazing lands with forest, returning the rainforest that was cleared over the past century for cattle grazing.

IAF team-members comprise agronomists, tropical foresters, local managers, financial analysts and foundation workers.  Our mission is to develop a financially rewarding, socially responsible enterprise that takes advantage of the growing demand and increasing prices for Green, sustainably grown, certified tropical hardwoods and high-quality cacao beans.

Our system

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